Senior Partner

Home from Home

Les plus : Reveal truly espouses the virtues of "humble, hungry, and wise" which makes working here an experience more akin to being part of a family than just working a job. The level of vulnerability we are all can show is a testament to being in a safe place where people are encouraged to grow and develop into the best person they can be.
Les moins : The office was closed for too long due to the reconstruction post pipe burst and building flood.

Account Manager


Les plus : Pizza parties for staff on thursdays
Les moins : No vegetarian pizza on thursdays
Great Company to Work For

Les plus : Nice people, calm environment, plenty of opportunities for growth
Les moins : There's excessive farting from coworkers...
Living the values

Les plus : Few companies actively and intentionally drive people to live out the core principles like Reveal does. There is a drive for high quality work, but more strongly a drive to do things the right way and build relationships. Love the focus on the "whole person". Unlimited vacation is awesome and employees are encouraged to actually use it. A smaller company with a lot to offer. If you want to be inspired, and want your entire peer group to support you inspiring other people, then this is the place for you.
Les moins : It's tough to fake it in the company. If you buy into the principles and the constant drive to be better, then this is an extended holiday of doing what you're passionate about. If you just want to be left alone to do some functional work, then this is probably not the place for you: the entire team - from management through to everyone in your peer group and supporting teams - will want to draw you in the grow and learn and transform people.

Integration Advisor

Good Work Environment

Les plus : The consultation experience with Reveal is unique and designed to help clients with their day-to-day work life which can be rewarding. Team members are helpful and supportive. Leadership is understanding of when "life happens" which helps balance work and personal needs.
Les moins : Communication down to the team can sometimes be less than timely or lacking making planning around work a little difficult sometimes where travel is involved but this isn't a frequent issue.

Integration Advisor

What is it like working at Reveal?

Les plus : I have had the pleasure of working at Reveal for a long time now and have seen a lot of changes in the company. • Strong and stable leadership team that is always looking to take the business to next level. • Great company culture that is grounded in caring for others and serving the community. • Reveal committed to personal development of the employees and provides numerous opportunities to help bring the improvement so that you can be the best version of yourself • Service offering that is unique and well-established delivery approach that produces success. • The compensation and benefits offered are very competitive and there are well defined opportunities for bonuses also. Reveal really values giving back to the community and to show their commitment, offer every employee the opportunity to take time away from work and use it to volunteer for charity of their choosing. Every year, employees volunteer their time to causes such as FMSC, Great Cycle Challenge, Habitat for Humanity, DuPage Pads, etc. These are causes that are dear to the employees and it is amazing to see that the workplace not only supports them but encourages employees to take advantage of the benefit offered.
Les moins : There could be more opportunities for career advancement.

Business Maturity Advisor

Level up

Les plus : My experience at Reveal has been a gift. Culturally, people just show up so authentic. The work is difficult, but totally worth the effort. We are well compensated. You get to work with some of the most clever and uniquely skilled experts in this channel. It is very rewarding when you are on a transformation and are among a small group of people who walk in the doors with the power to effect meaningful change. This role has helped me level up in almost every skill I have, and learn many new ones along the way. I wish I would have found a fit like this much sooner in my career.
Les moins : Again, this is difficult work. And it’s not for everyone. You need to be able to deliver to a strict timeline. At points, that means long hours. Constant change. This is a small company, so insurance is expensive.

Thought Leader

If you are up for it?

Les plus : Excellence, commitment, and expertise are assumed at Reveal. Because of that, you will be regularly challenged to show up as the best version of yourself and help contribute to everyone being the best and becoming an even better version of themselves. This is built on trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.
Les moins : It is not a 40-hour workweek environment. You will let yourself, your colleagues, and your clients down if you work to a 40-hour clock. There is a trade-off with a generous PTO policy, but finding the time to take the time is challenging.

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

good company

Les plus : flexibility for the employees and friendly environment
Les moins : the usual cons for remote based policy

Les plus : Maintain guest service and keep a fast speed
Les moins : Over working on holidays and weekends


Reveal Transforms What Matters

Les plus : Working for Reveal puts you front and center of transforming supply chain organizations empowered by the smart use of SAP. You are granted a great deal of autonomy at Reveal supported by a proven methodology. Reveal is full of folks who are united in purpose and welcomes challenges to the status quo. Senior leadership values the expertise of the team and expects high value contribution commiserate to the skills, gifts and interests of the people working at Reveal. It's a special company with special people doing extraordinarily difficult and rewarding things. Reveal transforms what matters in every sense.
Les moins : This is hard work. Team members are expected to be able to manage their time and energy autonomously. There's a ton of power but also responsibility in this approach. Due to the nature of this work, there is a high degree of skill, expertise, energy, agility and commitment involved. If you love a challenge and stretching yourself, this may be just the right company for you. If you like to be fully engaged, and have close bonds with the folks around you, this may be the role for you. If you're expecting it to look like other consulting roles that are very specific in structure, organizational hierarchy and tons of administrative overhead with very well defined hours of operations, that's not what Reveal is. You will find awesome people here, lots of support and team work with mentoring and high levels of engagement from the leadership team. You will also be expected to be awesome, self starting, proactive and solution oriented. If that's not for you, then that's a con. If it is for you, it's a pro and you might find a great home here. Everyones' appetites for challenge and autonomy are different. This is not just "another job"- it will change your life.



Les plus : Everything was good and employees are friendly
Les moins : Nothing much, hope everything is fine

SAP Advisor

A purpose, culture and mission beyond the typical

Les plus : I have worked at many other places, and even though I was hopeful during the recruiting process with Reveal, my expectations were that this will be like any other typical consulting firm. Over the last few years I have experienced firsthand how this is NOT typical. Firstly, the company is driven by purpose and principles. Each employee gets paid time off to give-back to their community over and above the company's contribution in time and funds to causes that matter. Every two weeks, we gather in a townhall meeting to share stories of how we are living our principles on projects and with each other. Secondly, the culture is truly open and honest, and treats every person's voice as an equal. At my previous companies, the leaders speak and everyone else does. Here, everyone has a voice to share their concerns, shape their career and bring insights on how to improve. Very rare characteristics for a company. Thirdly, the founders have a clear mission and we march to that mission with pride. I feel like we make a real difference to our clients.
Les moins : I think the biggest con is that we are unable to keep up with demand, and this spreads us thin sometimes. The Advisors we hire, are exceptionally intelligent, passionate for what they do and really good at educating and guiding clients through the change. These are very scarce skills in the SAP market.

Software Developer

Good Company for Vast learning oppurtunity

Les plus : best Experience gain in the Limited time
Les moins : No guidance you should learn everything on your own

Business Development Manager

Great place to work

Les plus : Good people and great platform
Les moins : Commute can be long during COVID-19


Lacks vision and leadership

Les plus : This is a good industry to be in and the work they do can be sustainable with the right vision and operating model. The company size lends itself to transparency regarding the state of the business. The office is in a good location if you are someone who needs to go in every day. Some people they employed wanted to do their best and genuinely cared about the work they do - only some of the people.
Les moins : Lack of leadership at the management level, little to no opportunity for career development and advancement, low paying salary, expensive benefits. The culture was very toxic. It was an unprofessional and stressful environment. The bottom line comes above employees and bad behavior is ignored unless it is affecting sales. Working at this company, I felt undervalued and taken advantage of. Staying as long as I did set back my career and did not help me advance when I chose to move on.