Business Analyst Intern

Top-tier strategy consulting boutique in Paris for decarbonization topics

Les plus : - Top-tier expertise and great market recognition of the consultancy in decarbonization, mobility and energy issues - Strong intellectual stimulation : consultants from the best schools and partners with great backgrounds (Roland Berger, Oliver Wyman) - Quality of relationships between colleagues (healthy personalities, sporty people) - The size of the firm allows flexibility and agility in working methods
Les moins : A lack of projects' diversity compared to a larger firm


Ancien employé

Productive & Smart

The workplace I recently experienced was a true oasis for professionals seeking an extraordinary blend of fun, productivity, and intellectual stimulation. From the moment I stepped foot into the vibrant office space, it became apparent that this organization had crafted a work environment like no other.

Materials Logger

Ancien employé

Good team, shame about the investment management

Hopefully things will change for the better, but like a lot of investment company owned SMEs, too much focus on new contracts and increased production, rather than getting the basics of capacity/redundancy balanced, and simple incentives and job satisfaction for exisiting employees. Awkward commute, low wages considering, bonuses, if still paid, not fair in my opinion and experience. Was slightly better before the company was taken over by bankers. Shame.

Les plus : Relatively relaxed if you work well.
Les moins : New contracts at all costs, at the expense of straining staff, generally unhappy low to mid paid workforce.

Business Analyst

Nice working environment

Les plus : Very instructive internship with people willing to help you on your learning curve and letting you do some mistakes without questionning your whole work. Very flexible way of working with manager allowing a lot of freedom which can be rare in consulting. Understanding manager to allow for your own organisation and does not make you work for long night session.
Les moins : The mission are still demanding so it does not fit someone who wants light working hours

Consultor Júnior

high level and high-impact projects

Les plus : Many high-impact projects, you learn fast and the prospects in the company are good.
Les moins : Amount of work received is highly correlated with efficiency.

Tech Lead

Ancien employé

A good place to work

Returned here after a different contract was offered at Babcock. Gained many new friends in a hangar environment. Fast paced but relaxed in the view that you are treated well and respected for the work you do.

Customer Care Assistant

Ancien employé


The hours are long (07:00-17.30 Mon-Thursday 07:00-15.30 Friday). The training is non-existence or only occurs being taught by someone who has being doing the job a week longer than you. Targets for the number of parts to process in a day is unrealistic and often you are not given enough work to do so your target cannot be met. The project leader gives you no encouragement or training whatsoever. Generally an awful place to work.

Aircraft Engineer

Employé en poste

Great Job

General day to day aircraft maintenance, stripping down aircraft to suit orders and customers perchasing aircraft parts, great bunch of workers really friendly and easy to take and ask advise from

Les plus : Good work
Les moins : Distance

Aircraft logistic

Ancien employé

Informative and a brilliant experience

Amazing and educational job. Taught me a lot from logistic skills to mechanical engineering skills. Excellent pay and management. Overall a brilliant place to work. 48 hour weeks have prepared me and helped me establish a routine for the world of work.